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It’s true. You may not like it. You may wonder why I’m writing this. But it’s true, and I’ll get you there. The word “devil” comes from the Greek word diábolos, which means “accuser.”[1] In early Judaism, unlike modern Christianity, Satan was not viewed as a fallen angel or an adversary to God, but as [...]

Criminal records and expunctions

Criminal records are not like credit history. Criminal arrests and convictions do not simply “fall off” of a person's record. The custodian of a criminal record is prohibited by law from destroying a record unless required to do so by a court order known as an expunction. An expunction is a separate civil lawsuit that [...]


Just because the State has filed its case, does not mean they are “ready for trial” within the meaning of Tex. Code Crim. Proc. art. 17.151. That section says: Art. 17.151. RELEASE BECAUSE OF DELAY. Sec. 1. A defendant who is detained in jail pending trial of an accusation against him must be released either [...]


The Vitz Law Firm is having an open house to celebrate the addition of our new associate Charles Pelowski  and the relocation of the Underwood Law Office. Come by and grab a drink and a bite to eat from 5-8 this evening, March 20,2014. 1413 Harroun Ave., McKinney, TX. Across from the new WinCo. See you there.

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