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You Don’t Have to Face This Alone.


If you’re looking for a criminal-defense lawyer, chances are you or someone you love has been arrested and are now caught up in the criminal-justice system. It is a system that doesn’t always treat people fairly with or with the respect they deserve. The rules can be complicated, and the State’s resources are vast. One thing is certain: If you’ve been arrested, you need a criminal defense lawyer. The criminal-justice system is a minefield, and it would be reckless to do anything else without a defense attorney that cares about you and your future. We can help.

A criminal-defense lawyer should look out for your best interests. You need a lawyer who is willing to take your case to trial. You need an attorney who understands the law. But you also need a lawyer who understands you and your story. We’re all different. And a good trial lawyer can help a jury walk a mile in your shoes.

Your lawyer must be willing to investigate your case. All too often the “facts” in a police report don’t align with reality. Your lawyer should do a thorough, independent investigation. This means reviewing evidence, talking to witnesses, and visiting the scene of the alleged crime.

Finally, you need a criminal-defense lawyer that can honestly evaluate your case. You wouldn’t buy a used car without knowing the Blue Book value. You wouldn’t buy a new home without talking to an inspector. And you shouldn’t proceed in a criminal case without a criminal-defense lawyer that cares about you and your future. You need to meet with an expert.

A trial is not always necessary, but a competent, caring criminal-defense attorney is. The government is definitely going to have a lawyer. You should too.

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