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Frisco Jail Release Writ Bond

An arrest in Frisco, TX requires immediate action. If you’ve been arrested in Frisco, TX, you need a criminal-defense lawyer that will care about you and your story. The courts and the prosecutors will move quickly, and the legal process is hard to slow down. Many times, the State will offer a plea-bargain that requires a person accused of a crime to give up his or her legal rights and face long-lasting consequences.

We Practice Law Differently

Thankfully, we still have a jury system to protect “the people.” The burden of proof, in a criminal case, is the highest and most severe burden placed on any litigant in any court in the United States.  It is the highest burden for a reason.  Maybe our forefathers felt that our liberty was something to be taken seriously.  Do we have to live with the tyranny they lived with to learn? At Vitz Law, we try cases. We talk to juries and tell stories about the human experience. We believe that if we know you and care about you, we can show a jury why they should care too.

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