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Attorney Writ Bond 24/7 Jail Release Lawyer Plano Allen Frisco McKinney Collin County

Writ Bond

24/7 Jail Release Writ Bond

Call Tony Vitz (972) 345-1769 for a Writ Bond

If you need an Attorney Writ Bond to get someone out of jail immediately, CALL Tony Vitz at (972)-345-1769. We are usually within (15) minutes of the Collin County Jail and our Writ Bond fees are reasonable. If you can’t reach me, please call 972-921-8972 and James will assist you in providing a Writ Bond for your loved one’s release. We can help you. We are not in Dallas, so we can respond quickly which can be very important. If you have a loved one in Plano, Frisco, Allen, or Collin County jail in McKinney, we can help you get them out quickly with a Writ Bond. Feel free to call us and get the answers to your questions.

Immediate 24 Hour Jail Release in Collin County, Texas and the Writ Bond

Generally, when a citizen is arrested, he is entitled to bail. “Bail” is the security given by the accused to insure that he will appear before the proper court and answer the accusation brought against him. Bail can be satisfied by a cash bond, bail bond, a pretrial release bond, and occasionally, a personal bond. A “bail bond” is a written undertaking entered into by the accused and his sureties for his appearance in court. Generally, bail is allowed to an accused person. A large percentage of bail is set by Justices of the Peace and Municipal court judges during the arraignment process which usually occurs between 11:00a.m. and Noon. If the person arrested needs to get out of jail before arraignment (a bond is set), then they will need a bond set.

What do you do if a bond is not set?

If a bond is not set, and the arrested person does not want to wait for a judge to set his bond, he can get a lawyer to file a Writ of Habeas Corpus to get a bond set. It is commonly referred to around the jail as a Writ Bond. It is a bond that is set through the writ of habeas corpus process.

For most misdemeanor cases, the Collin County Court at Law judges have set up a way for people arrested to have bail set prior to arraignment by a magistrate (judge). When a person has been arrested for a misdemeanor allegedly committed in Collin County, an attorney can file a Writ of Habeas Corpus “writ” at the jail and the bond will be automatically set at previously determined amount. (This process does not apply to cases involving a “Family Violence” allegation) Presently, the predetermined bond amounts are as follows:

Class A misdemeanor and DWI cases- $500.00

Class B misdemeanor- $350.00

Advantage to being released from a city jail.

If you are arrested and being held in a city jail in Allen, Plano, Wylie, or Frisco, Texas, or any other city jail in Collin County, you can prevent the “Towel Photo” being taken. The photo with the towel around the neck is, with one exception, always taken when booked in at the Collin County Jail. These photos are given or sold to entities that publish them on the internet and are available to the public. Further, they have been published in the in newspapers and on the news and will make anyone look guilty.

Felony cases require an arraignment by a magistrate or a “Writ” to be signed by a judge.

The bond can be posted by a bondsman or you can post a Cash Bond. A bondsman will charge a fee for posting a bond that will not be returned. A cash bond will be returned to the arrested person, minus a small percentage, after the disposition of the case.

CALL Tony at (972)-345-1769 for immediate 24-hour jail release. If you can’t reach me, call James at (972) 921-8972 . We can help.

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