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Plano Jail Release

Criminal Defense Attorney Plano TXHave you been arrested in Plano, TX  and need to get out?

If so, you need to call a criminal defense attorney now to help you with Plano jail release. The law won’t wait for anyone. The State and the courts have their own agendas. You need to hire a criminal defense attorney who cares about you and your record to stand up for your cause.

We Practice Law Differently

There are a lot of criminal defense attorneys in Plano. But not all criminal defense attorneys care. Some lawyers see criminal defendants as a commodity. These people are only looking to take your money.

The relationship between a lawyer and a client is important. A lawyer and client must be comfortable with each other. We cannot and will not represent every person that walks in our office, but every person can have a lawyer who cares. Now more than ever, to succeed in a courtroom, a lawyer needs to understand people and their stories. Law school doesn’t teach it. Knowing the law isn’t enough.

Even if you don’t think you want a trial, your criminal defense attorney must be willing to try cases. A lawyer can’t really give you the best advice unless he is prepared for trial. This means understanding the story of the case and the best legal arguments.

It also means doing a thorough, independent investigation of the facts. There are always differences between what the police report says and what happened in real life. Your lawyer should review the evidence, talk to witnesses, and visit the place you were arrested. Your lawyer needs to be familiar with the Plano area. It is crucial that your attorney go to the scene of the alleged crime.

There are “plea-lawyers” and there are “trial-lawyers.” Some lawyers will do anything they can to avoid going to trial. If you meet with a lawyer whose first thought is to plea bargain your case, you need to find a new criminal defense attorney. A plea bargain should be your last resort–not your go-to game plan. A lawyer that is looking out for your best interests knows that you are an individual with a unique story to tell. A good attorney will find a way to make jurors care about you as a person and not just as a “defendant.”

If you need a criminal defense attorney in Plano, TX, you need to hire a lawyer who cares.

Let’s get to know each other. Call us today.

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