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Police Officer Eric Casebolt is Not Alone

casebolt with knee

David Eric Casebolt’s resignation from the McKinney Police Department may have been good in some ways for the city of McKinney, but it would be a mistake to write the incident off as “one bad apple”. Casebolt is not the only one with issues in law enforcement or our world. Whether we are parents, lawyers, preachers, or police officers, we are not perfect. I do not think that Casebolt is a bad person or that he shouldn’t be a police officer in the future, but I do think he needs counseling, proper training, and therapy to assist him in any future authority role.

Earlier in my life, I would have said his conduct was justified just like I justified my own conduct when trying to control what I perceived to be wrong. At that time in my life, no one could have convinced me that I was wrong. I simply was not aware that I was skipping right over the other emotions on my way to anger. Our children should respect us but we cannot teach respect or expect them to give it when we lose our tempers. Becoming aware of the trigger(s) is only the first step because old habits are hard to break.

Imagine what would have happened if we had no video coverage of the incident? One thing that stands out is that Casebolt would have retained his role of training other officers and several of the kids at the pool party would have been arrested and subsequently branded as criminals for life. The calm officers that had to hold Casebolt back would not have stepped forward. “Back the Blue” can be a dangerous phrase to preach. Our good officers, and there are many, do not need propaganda to gain credibility or respect. We need better teachers in our world and having a badge, a military background, a robe, or the votes is not necessarily a qualification.

Was it really necessary to put his weight and knee in the young girl’s back? When I think about the possibility of my daughter being man-handled in that way, I begin my trip to anger. Do we want our police officers treating our youth like escaped convicts?

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